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Coaching, the whys and when’s

Annabelle Kirwan FAHRI

As your careers grows you may consider a business coach for yourself. The appointment of a business coach is a form of personal development in which an experienced person (coach) supports you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Coaching has become one of the leading tools and strategies that enable successful individuals to enhance and grow their careers and lives further, allowing them to strengthen their self-awareness and assist them in achieving their career and personal goals.

The coaching relationship is a partnership and allows the individual room for growth and improvement in a non-judgemental environment. This supports people to try things and discuss life and work in a confidential manner. Selecting a coach is just as important as the decision to appoint a coach. The business coach you choose needs to align with your values and goals. Aim for a coach who has the experience to provide advice, but someone who can also stretch you to achieve your goals.

Business coaching is not counselling, but if often includes life coaching, as our work and life balances can impact each other. Coaching is action and solution oriented and focuses primarily on both present and future outcomes. Your coach will help you work through day-to-day issues and planning for the future.

Understanding your needs, including your strengths and limitations is imperative when considering the type of coach who is best suited to you. As an example, my coaching style is one that includes stretching the individual, standing behind my clients with a gentle push forward to try new things and new challenges. My style can be seen as ‘tough’ for those who may wish to grow in their current role and are not looking for the next step or career move, but for those who are looking to grow in their executive career and seeking the next role, it could be just what is needed.

As you grow your career, it is important to consider having an independent advisor (coach) who can help you reflect on your current challenges and also help you consider your future development and your self-reflection.

The benefits for you in appointing yourself a business coach include, accelerating your learning and leadership skills, solving issues, fine tuning a skill, creating change, self-awareness and setting goals. It also builds your confidence and allows you to share ideas and opinions in a safe environment.

When you have chosen a business coach for yourself, consider creating a formal agreement which defines up the rules and boundaries of the relationship to support what you are trying to achieve. Also consider as your career evolves, you may ‘outgrow’ your coach. Keeping yourself current, means over your working career, you may have three or four coaches, each with their unique skills to help you on your personal development journey.

Today a business coach is imperative to a professional’s development, whether this is career coaching, executive development or coaching to support a changing environments and necessary tool in today’s workplace.

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