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At Macarthur HC we recognise that companies have formidable teams and endeavour to work with the resources and time they have available.
As a highly specialised, scalable external team, we inject our broad consulting and industry HR experience, our ideas, time and resources to support internal functions. We either bring highly developed skills which we have exercised with many organisations, or simply bring additional resources.

Our initial engagement with Macarthur HC we will use advanced operational and HR diagnostics to identify issues, which enables us to quantify what needs to be done, and how you can best engage our services. This also means at Macarthur HC we measure our success and provide a sound ROI for our involvement. 
Our philosophy is to assist companies and their people to find their competitive edge, by developing internal capability independently and sustainably.
Macarthur HC has worked across numerous industries and has engaged with more than 700 clients. We understand the people challenges businesses face and are confident we have the expertise and commercial impact to make a difference to your organisation.

Corporate Advisory

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"Achieve Your Goals"

At Macarthur HC our Consultants will engage with your business to give you the expert advice you are looking for...

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Organisational Development

"Expert Guidance"

At Macarthur HC we can provide you with expert guidance to help you transform your organisation...


Talent Management

"Grow Your Business"

At Macarthur HC we recognise that every organisations recruitment needs vary...

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