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It is increasingly recognised that individuals and groups perform better with coaching and that this performance translates into improved business results. 

Effective, consistent coaching within the workplace, dramatically lifts individual and team performance by promoting greater self-awareness, enhancing current skills and by developing new expertise.

Coaching unlocks your potential. 

At Macarthur HC we are dedicated to tailoring the program to meet your specific needs.  This is supported by significant experience in individual, team and leadership development.


At the Office


Coaching "the unique journey"

Coaching is recognised as the most effective learning method we can use to develop ourselves. Regardless of your role, coaching focuses on an individual's specific strengths and needs, whilst also embracing your natural learning style.

You’re unique. No two people are the same. Coaching provides a mechanism to help you learn as an individual.

Our coaches: To target your uniqueness, we work with a broad range of coaches to help match your technical learning needs to their experience and background. Our coaches use a selection of coaching models to guide their sessions, ensuring we provide effective, known coaching outcomes.

The journey

To start the journey, we often use a personality assessment or 360 feedback tool to introduce the facts about ourselves and those around us.
This provides an opportunity to test our self-awareness, helping us address our perception, versus our reality.

How we think people see us, may well vary from how others actually see us. And so, the journey begins.

People do things for people, not process.

We specialise in understanding relationships and the influence they bring.

rQ (Relationship Quotient) is an innovative concept that we use to measure the strength of relationship in a given situation. Our coaches will work with you to explore how you work with your teams, peers and managers, unearthing what goes well, and who you tend to struggle with.

Our unique methodology and tool will help you understand and approach relationships to get the best out of them. This will maximise your leadership and influence skills, as well as improve your quality of life and well-being. 

Business Team

Team Development

Coaching "the journey together"

When a team works well, it's a productive, harmonious collective that delivers more than just the sum of its members. However, as we all know, human beings have different motivators, agenda’s, personalities and skills that can see them just as effectively work against each other.

The journey

We use personality profiling and 360 feedback tools to identify a team's strengths, their untapped potential as well as the “handbrake” that holds them back. By objectively weighing and measuring the teams ingredients and how they operate together, we are able to bring greater understanding to the team, assisting each member to recognise their role, how they benefit and hinder the group's efforts, as well where they sit in the larger team picture. 

People do things for people, not process.

One-on-One Briefings

To understand the people dynamic, their relationships and how hey influence one another, we talk to each team-member to understand what works well in the team, and how their interactions could be improved. This feedback helps us identify the behaviours that will drive more effective team performance.


As part of this exercise, we often use our RQ (relationship quotient tool) to measure the depth and influence of each relationship, whilst also helping each team member recognise how their relationships work, and why they fail.

Team Charter Workshop (defining how we work together)      

This stage of the development revolves around the group's collective views, bringing their individual input to the table for everyone to hear and discuss. This approach helps;


  • Clarify the team's goals and objectives

  • Promote shared awareness of strengths and challenges

  • The team understand why, what and how they work together

  • Mediate strong opinions, discussing the topics to hand, encouraging people to “see things from other peoples perspective”.

  • Air conflict and resolve the things we avoid

  • Help each member realise their “real” impact on others and their feelings

  • Help each team member have those “hard conversations”, taking ownership of conflict resolution


​The final objective is to agree and commit to the teams new “behaviours”, whilst also learning how to give feedback when team members deviate.


We are passionate about building programs to your exact needs.  To support this we offer a range of modules which can be added to your customised program.

Smiling Businessman

Leadership Development

Tailored for Leaders

The future of work is increasingly dependent on a workforce of accountable, empowered and capable leaders.


Macarthur HC's advanced executive leadership program works individually with employees to provide insights into their leadership strengths and development areas.  This approach see's us challenge and empower Leaders to pursue new career pathways and experiences, whilst seeking opportunities for growth. 

We have incorporated the latest thinking in leadership capability assessment and development, to build truly flexible and adaptable programs for our clients.

We will work with you to co-write our programs so that they meet your specific needs. This is supported by our significant experience in leadership development, with over 20 years-worth of content.

Our programs are delivered in a range of formats and draw on and incorporate a variety of leadership and behavioural elements.


They cater for all levels of leadership, providing dynamic and integrated experiences, which enable participants to build their understanding of concepts through activities and discussion, framed by real-world leadership challenges and situations.  Our programs also embrace reflection, sharing and practice in the workplace, so that participants can live and feel effective leadership behaviour. 

Individual Coaching
Business Presentation

Our Leadership Program

Just some of the many offerings from Macarthur HC

  1. Personality and Team Profiling

  2. Strategy, Mission, Vision and Values

  3. The Role of Leadership

  4. Understanding Behaviour and Motivation

  5. Communication and Setting Expectations

  6. Resolving Conflict

  7. Leading with Resilience and Wellbeing

  8. Presenting with Impact

Image by Helena Lopes

Personality and Team Profiling

Effective leadership requires you to understand yourself and your team members, recognising how behaviour plays a role in your everyday interactions. 

We use personality profiling tools to breakdown and explain your team’s strengths and challenges.

Aligning your team to the Strategy, Mission, Vision & Values is an important activity for every leader.


We work with leaders to help their teams understand what the organisation wants to accomplish, and how it will be achieved.

In essence we get everyone on the same page, so that they are all pulling in the same direction to achieve the same goals.

Strategy, Mission, Vision and Values

Image by Javier Allegue Barros
Image by Quino Al

The Role of Leadership

Leadership is the art of leading employees to willingly achieve goals. Employee engagement plays an important role in their performance and productivity.


Learn about how leaders can influence employee behaviour effectively.


Understanding Behaviour and Motivation

The way people act, isn’t always the same as the way people feel.

Behaviours are hidden under the surface of each individual, often driving unexpected reactions such as frustration, conflict and rage. We’ll help you understand the reason for certain behaviours, which is a crucial first step for effective leadership.  

To do this, we use a sophisticated behavioural assessment model, so that leaders can understand how they are different from their teams, what their teams favoured working style is, as well how to unleash their teams hidden strengths.​

This approach enables leaders to increase motivation in the workplace, inspiring people to seize their true potential, both as individuals and in teams, leading to improved organisational performance.

Team Meeting

Communication and Setting Expectations

Communication is one of the major drivers of effective workplace performance.  At Macarthur HC we’ll show you how it can be done. 

We offer a range of modules for you to select, including:

  • Communication styles

  • Behavioural barriers to communication

  • Body language & non-verbal communication

  • Written communication

  • Influence & persuasion

  • Negotiation – managing team & key stakeholders

  • Conflict management & difficult conversations

  • Presentation skills

Team Talk

Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is a key skill for anyone who works in a team, communicates directly with customers or has a supervisory or managerial role.  


Resolving interpersonal conflict can be very empowering and should be a part of everyone's professional development goals.

Resolving Conflict

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Leading with Resilience and Wellbeing 

Resilience is the foundation of good leadership. Leaders today operate under complexity and at a pace that demands advanced personal and interpersonal skills.


The ability to have courage to make change, use creativity to solve problems and connect effectively with others are the trademarks of the resilient leader.

A presentation at the office

The need for highly effective presentation skills is profoundly evident in the workplace today. Leaders have a critical role to play.

This program will give you the tools to learn how to design presentations that are simple and work, enhance your public presentation skills, develop recovery strategies when things unravel and craft pitches for change that inspires action.

Presenting with Impact

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