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We believe, if you can measure it, you can understand it. If you understand it, you can maximise its potential.

Our approach relies on a deep involvement in organisational diagnostics which include psychometrics, 360 and organisational surveys, through to unique influence assessment tools.


This approach equips us to quantify the outcomes we deliver, clearly measuring the ongoing improvement in people and team performance or identifying specific issues which are supported by fact-based data.

With over 50 providers worldwide, we take an unbiased approach to match your needs to the right product.  We review new and established providers to help you assess and compare what’s available.  We’ll also help you get set-up, or if you prefer, we can run the whole process on your behalf.

At Macarthur HC we offer a range of HR Diagnostic Products:

  • Psychometrics

  • 360 surveys

  • Organisational surveys

  • Emotional connectivity & influence assessments

  • Skills testing

  • Global cultural assessments

  • Inclusivity assessments

  • Remuneration benchmarking products

  • Team profiling

HR Diagnostics


360 Surveys

360 Surveys are powerful and completely customisable developmental assessment tools. They provide meaningful feedback from a wide range of colleagues to help individuals understand their behaviour with a view to self-improvement. This tool identifies the strengths and development needs of an individual, while also providing a comprehensive guide to suitable development interventions.

360 Surveys use up to 40 pre-designed competencies or you can create your own to suit your specific needs.  The report provides a high-level overview of the Focus' scores for each competency included in the 360, organised into common categories including communication, relationships and vision.
The overview report is an excellent starting point for analysing an individual's strengths, potential issues and development needs.

​The relationship summary describes how each group of reviewers has scored the Focus, by splitting their feedback into individual charts. This enables us to see the differences for each competency according to the reviewer, helping us to target key areas or potential issues that relate to specific groups and colleagues.

Organisational Surveys

Our organisational survey is a fully customised diagnostic tool that we use to measure and track employee engagement and organisational change. It’s a powerful and effective way to gather and understand the voice of your employees and stakeholders.

This data is used to inform the current state, the desired future state, and the steps that need to be taken to improve your organisation's performance.

At Macarthur HC we will work with you closely to understand the data and assist you so that you can focus on areas that need to be addressed.


Emotional Connectivity and Influence Assessments

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand and manage your emotions. The skills involved in emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.

Macarthur HC has developed a unique tool to not only assess emotional awareness, but also the Relationship Quotient (RQ) between individuals. What is the strength of the relationship, how influential is it and what drives this relationship.

We embrace relationship dynamics to help individuals understand how to approach specific relationships and situations, with an eye to maximising their influence.


Skills Testing

Skills testing determines how knowledgeable your candidates are with a specific task.
Skills tests are an ideal way to collect data to inform and guide training investments for existing and new employees. This approach enables you to address skill gaps in your organisation, whilst also energizing your employees as they will be more effective meeting the demands of their work.

We partner with a range of carefully selected assessment providers, continually evaluating their differentiators and value in the market to help bring our clients the best solutions.


  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access)

  • Administration (Typing and Data Entry)

  • Language Tests​

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles​

  • Web and Software Development (C+, Java, HTML, Sharepoint, Visual, Front Page)

  • Adobe Web Development (Dreamweaver, Flash, Flex)

  • Desktop Publishing (Acrobat, Fireworks, Framemaker, Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop)

  • Computer Knowledge (Basic to Advanced computer knowledge)

  • Mathematical (Basic to Advanced Maths)

  • Health and Medical (First Aid, Medical, Pharmaceutical Terminology, Nursing Skills)

  • Event Planning (Project Management)

  • IBM Software (Lotus Notes, Cognos Analytics, Asset Management)​


Global Cultural Assessments

The Global Cultural Assessment is an effective, statistically validated online cultural tool to discover and compare your preferred work style across five dimensions of culture, and how you compare with other cultures, countries, colleagues, and teams.


Available in 13 languages, the Global Cultural Profile cultural intelligence software provides specific, dynamically generated advice on how to bridge differences and leverage similarities.

Minimize misunderstandings. Maximize success.

When differing workstyles collide, frustration can result. The Globe Cultural assessment identifies these differences and provides concrete strategies proven to address potential conflicts and pave the way for increased business success.

The true value of the Global Cultural assessment is in its simplicity. It provides insight about cultural differences and their implications for business interactions. It is not an assessment or a diagnostic tool; there is no right or wrong profile.


Instead, it is a statistically valid and reliable tool for helping you increase your awareness of potential gaps between your preferred way of operating and those of your colleagues, and for developing strategies for effectively bridging those differences.

Inclusivity Assessments

The Inclusive Behaviours Inventory helps you understand your own strengths and areas for improvement in building a more inclusive workplace. In contrast to other assessments that measure overall organizational effectiveness in the area of inclusion, this instrument is designed to directly serve individuals in various roles and their work teams.


Executives, managers, and individual contributors will all find the survey results useful in identifying possible sources of unconscious bias and becoming more inclusive in their everyday actions. Users of the inventory receive not only feedback on their current practices, but specific points of advice on steps they can take to become more inclusive.


Remuneration Benchmarking Products

Remuneration benchmarking allows you to match roles within your company to similar positions in the market, identifying the difference in their salaries and benefits.

This is important as it ensures you offer competitive remuneration, which enhances staff retention.

We’ll help your business benchmark against current salaries in the market, often using competitor data, summarising our recommendations in a straightforward report with a breakdown of the salary benefits and base that reflect what your competitors are offering in the market.

Whether you have a new position, yearly reviews or just want to get more data to increase your staff retention, we are here to help.


Team Profiling

Whether you are working with teams, managers, individuals or customers, by learning their workplace motivators you will empower people to relate and engage with their team mates more effectively. 

Team Profiling will help you and your team: 

  • Increase self-awareness: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems​​

  • Improve working relationships by recognising the communication needs of team members​​

  • Facilitate better teamwork and teach productive conflict​​

  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members

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