MHC has significant experience designing, co-building with internal teams and delivering the following services.


The quality of our work is defined by our people. Methodology and metrics will still fail in the wrong hands, their power is in using them effectively. To do this, you need the right people.​

Organisational & Functional Design


Vision & 

Values Setting

HR Business Intelligence
Succession Planning
Workforce Upskilling

Diversity Planning & Inclusion

Process & Systems Enhancement
Capability Framework Development

Remuneration & Benefits

Workforce Planning

Systemic Approach to Transformational Change:

Unprecedented and transformational change cannot be tackled through a singular lens. Our systemic review will provide targeted, effective recommendations for our clients, which feed into a carefully structured series of actions that drive successful transformation.


Multi-Disciplinary Specialist Team:

Our team of specialists bring their hands, hearts and minds to work alongside side your leaders and employees, combining the best of business, design and behavioural science to maximise our design capability. Underpinning our technical expertise, we embrace a philosophy that leaves our clients feeling that we not only deliver successful outcomes, but also impart real skills, knowledge and “know-how” to sustain the transformation beyond our service.


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