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"At Macarthur HC we can provide you with expert guidance to help you transform your organisation"

At Macarthur HC we can provide you with expert guidance to help you transform your organisation, through a systematic process of implementing effective change.  

Our organisational development programs will assist your business with professional strategies and systems to positively grow and develop your employee capability for the future. 

Our programs and activities include:

  • Change management (system and structure)

  • Organisational assessments

  • Organisational change programs

  • Engagement and pulse surveys

  • Leadership development

  • Team building

  • Coaching

  • Behavioural profiling, team profiling and 360 surveys

  • Career development

At Macarthur HC we can assist you to make a change to your strategy, structure, systems and processes with the purpose to improve your organisational effectiveness.

Organisational Development

Engagement and Pulse Surveys

No two organisations are the same, which is why Macarthur HC does not use generic surveys. Our organisational surveys’ are a customised diagnostic tool that we use to measure and track your employee engagement and organisational change.
The survey data is used to inform the current state, the desired future state, and the steps that need to be taken to improve your organisation's performance. At Macarthur HC we also run pulse surveys, helping us regularly monitor the key themes, keeping them front of mind, whilst tracking their ongoing performance.
At Macarthur HC we will work with you closely to understand the data, helping you and assist you to focus on the areas that need to be addressed. We pride ourselves on giving clear feedback, in straightforward language, highlighting the major themes, which we support with simple step-by-step recommendations.

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Systemic Approach to Transformational Change

Unprecedented and transformational change cannot be tackled through a singular lens. Our systemic review will provide targeted, effective recommendations for our clients, which feed into a carefully structured series of actions that drive successful transformation.

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Multi-Disciplinary Specialist Team

Our team of specialists bring their hands, hearts and minds to work alongside side your leaders and employees, combining the best of business, design and behavioural science to maximise our design capability.

Underpinning our technical expertise, we embrace a philosophy that leaves our clients feeling that we not only deliver successful outcomes, but also impart real skills, knowledge and “know-how” to sustain the transformation beyond our


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At the Office

Macarthur HC Leadership Modules

Choose your own leadership adventure

  • Capability Framework Development

  • Diversity Planning and Inclusion

  • Goals, Vision and Values Setting

  • HR Business Intelligence

  • Organisation and Functional Design

  • Performance Systems

  • Process and Systems Enhancement

  • Remuneration and Benefits

  • Role and Task Analysis

  • Succession Planning

  • Workface Planning

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