Career Transition

At Macarthur HC we have a dedicated team of Consultants to support employees through their career transition. With offices based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane we are able to provide both serviced office facilities and face to face coaching in addition to virtual coaching and support.

We focus on the needs of the participant to successfully transition them to their next stage, whether it's a new role, new career, business opportunity or retirement.

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Our specialities include:

  • Career Transition

  • Onsite Support

  • Redeployment

  • Small business/entrepreneur support

  • Change management for leaders and staff

  • Resilience

  • Psychometric reports

  • Transition to retirement

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Parent and Child

Parents with Careers


A practical, customised, hands-on program to support organisations and employees preparing, during and returning from parental leave…

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Having valued employees embark on parental leave presents many challenges. It also offers a timely opportunity to build a flexible, diverse workforce that is positive for both the business and individual.

Macarthur HC combined their leading career transition, HR, assessment tools and consulting expertise, to craft a three-phase Parental Leave Program.

This innovative program covers:
• Preparing for leave
• During leave
• Returning from leave

Optional Components
Transition from leave that results in:
• Part time employment
• Exit from organisation following restructure.


Our Approach
Our highly experienced team offer first-hand parental experience, enabling them to conduct meaningful coaching via face to face, Zoom and phone sessions to accommodate busy lives.
This flexible approach supports both personal connections and in the moment advice.

We have also created a purpose built personality assessment that profiles the individual’s professional strengths, potential growth areas and ability to deal with various changes experienced during parental leave.

Participants are supported and engaged with their employer and have clarity of career goals and transferrable skills (including additional life skills they bring back to the workplace). They’ll also understand how they can align individual and business goals.
It’s a win-win for employers and employees!

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Resilience & Wellbeing


Well-being is an individual’s ability to develop their potential, work productively, and build strong and positive relationships, whilst having a clear purpose and sense of belonging. What constitutes well-being, is the intersection of our emotional, physical, mental and financial touch-points, and for each of us, those touch-points are varied.

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Benefits of a mentally healthy workplace

  • Improved productivity

  • Increased staff engagement

  • Personal happiness increased within employees

  • Higher attendance rates / less sickness absence

  • Lower Staff turnover

  • Ethical and legal obligations are met

  • Preferred employee status with current and potential employees

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Session Content

  • Whole Life Assessment - 1 to 10 self-rated questionnaire of 10 life areas

  • Work Life Assessment - 1 to 10 self-rated questionnaire of 6 life areas

  • Identifying and coaching on low-scoring areas

  • Understanding personal blocks

  • Tips and techniques to reduce stress

  • Guided mindfulness meditation

  • The basic principles of gratitude habits

  • Identifying and reducing distraction

  • Tips to measure and reflect on personal satisfaction

  • Energy + Satisfaction = Results

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