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Why Macathur HC?

We understand that every organisation is unique and faces a variety of different business challenges. 

We've worked with more than 700 clients since we started, which means we have seen and experienced almost every type of people-related challenge and are confident we have the expertise and commercial insight to help.

Our Values

"Strength, Courage and Creativity"

At Macarthur HC we constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions and we arrive every day inspired to make an impact though our strengths, courage and creativity.  We're committed to helping our customers by working together in order to better meet the needs of our customers. 

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Our Lived Experience

At Macarthur HC our dedicated team of HR professionals offer decades of frontline and organisational HR experience.

This is a deliberate approach to complement the creativity of consulting, with practical HR methods, that bring tried and tested outcomes.


Let us help you select the RIGHT talent!

In an era in which hiring the right people into the right jobs and keeping them there is of paramount importance, the use of psychometric techniques has never been more vital than it is now and has never been so widespread.

Our psychometric tools will help you select outstanding talent, onboard them effectively whilst also helping you learn what motivates your existing employees.

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Career Transition

At Macarthur HC we have a dedicated team of Consultants to support employees through their career transition. 

We focus on the needs of the participant to successfully transition them to their next stage, whether it's a new role, new career, business opportunity or retirement.

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Wellbeing Programs

Wellbeing is an individual’s ability to develop their potential, work productively, and build strong and positive relationships, whilst having a clear purpose and sense of belonging. What constitutes well-being, is the intersection of our emotional, physical, mental and financial touch-points, and for each of us, those touch-points are varied.

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Our Strategic Partners

Macarthur HC is proud to work with the following strategic partners to broaden our services and expertise.

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