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Moving People

Talent Pool

Identify potential candidates

  • Scope talent (market map) 

  • Build talent pools (attract) 

  • Record and evaluate talent  

  • Regularly engage candidates to drive on-demand talent pool

Cost: $95ph + GST
Job Interview

Qualify Talent

Qualify candidate availability, interest & fit

  • Engage opportunities with talent  

  • Identifying interested candidates 

  • Validate qualifications & training 

  • Screening – video interview  

  • Generate candidate long-list

Cost: $135ph + GST
Person Checking Data

Screen Talent

Assess experience, skills, ability & personal attributes

  • Psychometric & skills testing                     

  • Competency based video interview  

  • Confirm salary information 

  • Create candidate record 

  • Generate shortlist  

  • Candidate interview availability

Cost: $155ph + GST
Business Handshake

Talent Selection

Match role requirements to candidate competence

  • Interview co-ordination

  • Competency based interview   

  • Interview feedback with rating

  • Reference checking 

  • Verbal offer and acceptance 

Cost: $175ph + GST

Let's do something amazing! 

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