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Pro and cons of using AI in recruitment

Annabelle Kirwan FAHRI

I was asked to write an article about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment, I thought this old school HR professional was going to struggle to find many positives, but my research has perhaps changed some of my perceptions.

HR are always expected to minimise costs and time for any recruitment of top talent. Searching for the right person with the right skills may be becoming a little easier.

The use of AI of course fits with all technology solutions, rubbish in rubbish out. HR/Managers still need to be clear of what they are looking for and ensure the right search functions are activated. Set the scene for what the organisation needs/wants in their new employees.

What are some of the key pros/cons with using AI in recruitment.

AI enable background checking

Criminal records, graduate checking, financial and conflict of interest checks can be managed and reported on with your AI recruitment system. Of course, this relies on the candidate’s information to be as accurate as the records held.

AI enabled reference checking

Reference checking is a key requirement in recruitment processes. Collecting different references checks is a time-consuming process. AI reference checking automates the entire process and helps HR assemble as much information as possible at once. The referees that are provided are given a chance to respond to emails and questionnaires at their convenience.

Physical interviews by AI bots

There are now AI bots that are trained to conduct physical interviews as part of the recruitment process. These bots use both natural language processing (NLP) and interview analytics to assess the candidate’s suitability by skimming their soft skills and personality traits.

The use of AI bots for interviews can be beneficial as it will ensure consistency in the interview process, including the questions that are asked. However, I believe candidates like the human touch and response, with the ability to have recognition from a human face that they are being heard and understood. I simple smile and a head nod.

Hiring Internally

Assuming HR has a HRIS with employees’ full employment history, skills and experience data in their system, the use of AI in recruiting internally would indeed be simpler. Looking for someone with the right experience/qualification, the system would generate the list for you to review. Especially handy for special projects and helping to promote within.


Onboarding new employees can be a time and resource heavy process. AI chat bots can respond to candidate questions, help with onboarding exercises and reviews. Allows for the candidate to have an escalation process to a HR member. I believe it would be helpful but also it would be imperative to educate/train managers and new employees of the format and expectations set.

So AI in recruitment:


  • Automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks

  • Provides automated communication channels, chatbots, emails, SMSs’

  • AI tools can review large amounts of information

  • Helps internal recruitment

  • Eliminate biased behaviour the AI system doesn't incorporate perceived biases.


  • It does not help with team personality fit and understanding candidate values that align with the organisation.

The future of AI in HR services is growing by the day, I believe AI in recruitment will help businesses, but we still need the human touch, skills can be taught cultural fit still requires the manager/HR assessment.

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