Seniors Socializing

Workforce Performance

& Sustainability


Whilst every aged care provider is different, they all rely on their workforce to deliver quality services that are commercially viable.  Using our research and purpose-built algorithm, we help organisations improve their profitability and client care through more effective workforce performance.


How do you compare?

This radial graph highlights how one care provider compares to the sector average.


Range of Bench-marking

This report compares one care provider to the highest and lowest benchmarks in the market.
i.e. Company A experiences far higher attrition than its competitors (rated at 90%).


Reporting Categories 

At Macarthur HC we can report data on many categories, some of which include:

Stacks of Coins
Analysing Data
In Good Hands
Business Woman

EBITDA ($ Surplus) 
& Gross Revenue

Operating Costs

Number of Employees

EBITDA per Managers/Leaders & Employee

Happy seniors raising hands
Nursing Home
Nurse Taking Notes
Gardening Together

Clients in Care

Internal Promotion

Employee Attraction

Number of Sites

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